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The Evil Dead

One of the greatest films ever in the "splatstick" genre this flick combines bloody gore with a delightful mix of comedy. A cult classic despite its small budget, this movie follows Ash(Bruce Campbell) and his friends trying to avoid being possessed by demons in a remote cabin.

Private Parts

This movie depicts Howard Stern and his rise to popularity as a radio DJ. Also features his real life co-workers Robin, Fred, Gary, and Jackie the Jokeman. There is some really funny ass shit and Howard hangs out with some fine skanks- no wonder he is separated from his wife

Howard the Duck

Alright this one might have been a critical and commercial flop but how can you not like a movie about a 4 foot tall talking duck from outer space? How would you like it if you were sitting in your room reading Playduck when a tracker beam from Earth rips you out of your home and into a strange scenario where you end up saving the planet from the dark overlord of the universe? And besides Howard almost scores with Lea Thompson You gotta love that!!

Dawn of the Dead

One of the greatest zombie shoot 'em ups ever!! This movie tracks 4 people hiding in a mall from hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. All is going well until some damn biker gang shows up and breaks down the doors to let the zombies run amok. Excessive gore mixed with a comedic factor help this film kick ass.

Meatballs III

The story is about is about a dorky teenager trying to lose his virginity at a summer camp with the help of a dead porn star who tragically died in the act of fornication and has come back as a friendly ghost. Maybe not the strongest story but hey it is pretty funny at times and yes eventually the loser gets a girl at the end but not without enduring some hard times alone.

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