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Welcome to my movie review site!! Here you will find my commentary on the shitiest movies of all time like Kazaam and on the true classics like The Toxic Avenger. As well as my recommendations of what films to see and my picks of who actually should have won the oscars. This site uses a rating system that is modeled below.

Great movie!! Go out and see it today
Pretty good you should see it but it can wait
so-so, probably don't need to see it
Good God this film is terrible. Horse shit looks better than this!!

Sorry but I don't use that crap 1/2 star rating basically because I don't feel like having that many categories of ratings but anyway this is my site. Don't forget to check out my huge B movie archive. Listed below is my opinions on the best and worst in the movie industry, if you don't agree with my reviews then maybe this will explain why.

Best ActorTom Hanks
Worst ActorShaquille O'Neal
Best ActressGwyneth Paltrow
Worst ActressBrooke Shields
Best Film of '99The Blair Witch Project
Worst Film of '99Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Best Movie to get a Hard OnShowgirls
Worst Movie for a PlotShowgirls
Best Teen MovieAmerican Pie
Best Old Folks MovieDriving Miss Daisy

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