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Sports Movies

Blue Chips

Great story about a basketball coach who give high profile players gifts in order for them to come play at Western U. Pretty easy to stay interested and basketball fans will like this one. Shaq gives a wooden performance but it is the best film he has ever been in. Penny Hardaway and Calbert Cheaney are a few of the real life NBA players who appear in this movie. Go out and get it because it's a good one.

The Program

Another pretty good football movie that centers around a troubled college football program that struggles with alcholism, steroid abuse, bribery, academic dishonesty, and injury. Joe Kane struggles with the pressure to win the Heisman trophy and resorts to alcohol abuse. All in all a great film for football fans with some great plot twists.


A young undersized kid named Rudy refuses to give up his dream of playing Football at Notre Dame. Through perseverance and 4 long years on the practice squad Rudy finally gets his chance and shows his father that he was telling the truth about being on the team. Spectacular film and the end is a tearjerker that everyone can enjoy.

Varsity Blues

A high school football team in a small Texas town try to rebel against a tyrannical coach while dealing with the loss of their star quarterback, Lance Harbor. Another great movie especially when it shows the guys away from the field partying. The song hot for teacher goes to new heights when they see their's in a stripclub. Jon Moxon becomes the quarterback and now the captain of the cheerleading squad will do anything to have him (can you say whipped cream bikini?). Best line from the film: "Hold on to your nipples girls," by Tweeder in the stolen police car.