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Welcome to my Homepage!! Some people have been wondering who I am and what I like to do so I decided to make this site and answer their question. I'm gonna take a little time and tell you about the hoes I like, the bands I jam too, and the alcohol I drink. So lets get started with the most fuckable celebrity.

Jennifer Lopez
Holy cow this latin sensation gives me serious wood. Have you seen the video to "Waiting for Tonight"? Check her out in the bikini, good lord!!! And that booty!! I must say if there ever was a most fuckable in the ass celebrity award she would win hands down.
Film Credits: Out of Site, Selena, Anaconda
Music: On the 6
Salma Hayek
The other latin beauty this Mexican native has been a sex symble for years and as sidenote I must say that yes I too would like to fuck her hardcore. She has a pair of big beautiful tits that make me drool when I see her, even in clothes. And her accent makes my nuts tingle.
Film Credits: Dusk till Dawn, Fools Rush In
Gillian Anderson
This red-haired beauty's bubbly personality makes me want to cram my cock down her throat. With the X-Files coming to an end the only question left is: Is Gillian a natural redhead? Come on show a little muff.
Film Credits: The Turning, The X-Files, Hellcab
TV: The X-Files

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