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Sex Columnist

Have you ever woken up next to some nasty stank piece of ass whose name you can't remember? Do you know what it takes to give a women an orgasm? Do you ever wish that you worked in a low paying job with little or no benefits in which all you ever did was talk about sex? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then apply today for our sex columnist position!
Job Description:
Give advice and answer questions regarding sexually related topics, helping poor young men who can't seem to'know..."the hole". Also a small amount of storytelling or personal examples from your own past will help. You will correspond to squirrelhumper by email so no HTML knowledge is necessary. If you think you have what it takes (basically a penis and/or a vagina) then apply today.

Jobs Available:
As many as are deemed necessary in order to get my mojo flowing.
Whoa, slow down big fella!! Like I've got enough money to just be throwing around to some Dr. Ruth wannabe, Get Real!