Ah yes....BEER

The number one party drink among college students is...you guessed it beer! Whether it's tapping a keg or chugging a pitcher at dinner beer seems to be found everywhere. I dare you to enter any high school in the United States and attempt to find one where beer is not be used every Friday night. You simply can't do it. Why has beer become so universally popular? Who knows and frankly who gives a flying fuck!! I'm just glad to know that on any lonely Saturday night my friend in a bottle will always be there for me.

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Yep ain't nothing wrong with beer. Unless you decide that it is not smooth enough for and basically it tastes like shit. Well whats a guy to do when all of his friends are hanging out throwing back a few Buds and he doesn't what to look gay just sitting there sipping a Zima. Well my friend here is the answer for you...BONG IT!!!!! Beer are fast and easy to construct and can have you guzzling a 6 pack in seconds!! So take a trip to your local hardware store and pick up a funnel and some clear tubing, glue it together and let the good times roll.